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Raine's School Foundation

Further Education Bursary Application Form


  1. The closing date for all applications is 31st October.

  2. For initial applications, a teacher’s reference is required and will be obtained directly from the last school you attended.

  3. You will need to provide confirmation from the University, or other place of further education, that you are on your course.

  4. Bursaries are announced in November once all applications have been assessed.

  5. The amount of the Bursary depends on many factors such as the number of applicants and the Trust’s disposable income that year.

  6. Bursaries are paid directly into your bank account. If you are successful you will be asked for these details.

  7. If successful you may be entitled to future awards as you progress through your course. To support any further awards, you will need to provide annual confirmation, from the University, that you are continuing with your studies.

Please provide the following details if you wish to be considered for a Bursary:

Tell Us About Yourself 

Thanks for submitting!

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