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The Future of The Foundation

Having celebrated the joy of its Tercentenary in St Paul's in 2019, followed by the sadness of closure of the School by LBTH in 2020, the Raine's School Foundation is looking to the future.


With the legacy of Henry Raine foremost in our minds, the current Trustees intend to continue to support children and the local community.  Education is our main focus, but in difficult times, the Trust recognises the dilemma of the most disadvantaged in the East End and aspires to help young people to survive and achieve. We are happy to welcome three churches in The Henry Raine School Building in Approach Road.

Our plans are a work in progress and more information will appear on this website when appropriate.



Henry Raine was a wealthy brewer from Wapping; he was a pious Churchman, highly respected in the community. In 1719, Henry Raine founded Raine's Foundation School to provide an education for local poor children (50 boys and 50 girls).


When Henry Raine died in 1738, he left in his Will a large bequest to the boys and girls schools he had founded during his lifetime. Initially the funds were overseen by the School's Board of Control. Eventually the administration of Henry Raine's legacy moved to an independent body known as  Raine's School Foundation  (the Trust). The Trust is a registered charity which  reports annually to The Charity Commission  ( ).


Raine’s School Foundation,

The Henry Raine School Building,

Approach Road, Bethnal Green, London, E2 9LY

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